Welcome to our exciting world of dyes & fabrics! 

TILLIA DYES can be used to dye the following: 

                   - fabric for quilting

                   - cotton threads for embroidery

                   - embellishments for sewing (if mainly cotton or rayon)

                   - ostrich eggs and feathers

                   - fibre for spinning, weaving, and felting

                   - flax

                   - batik, with soy wax

                   - faded clothing (if mainly cotton or rayon)

                   - garments, sheets, curtains etc (if mainly cotton)

                   - tie-dyed clothing

                   - merino or woollen underwear


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Need general dyeing instructions for my dyes?  You can download basic instructions for wool here and for fabric here.

5 Good Reasons to Buy Your Dyes from Tillia :-

1. Tillia's owner, Shirley Goodwin, does not simply sell dyes - she uses them herself in all her quilting and felting, and in her fabric ranges.

2. Tillia dyes are fresh imported stock from a major US distributor, not leftover stock from local chemical companies.  This way, you have access to the latest colours and trends. 

3. Full product support is available. Shirley's membership of various international dyeing and surface design groups means she keeps up to date with products and their applications.

4.. Should products you buy from us prove to be unsatisfactory, they will be replaced.

5. Tillia has been the major name in dye supply in New Zealand for over 15 years.  Tillia's aim is to be the best, not the cheapest.

So why would you buy your dyes from any other supplier?  Read what Tillia's customers are saying here.



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Tillia Dyes & Fabrics is owned and run by Shirley Goodwin. She also teaches quilting and dyeing from time to time, and was selected as a tutor for the 2007 National Quilting Symposium in Palmerston North, the 2009 Symposium in Wellington, and the 2011 Remarkables Symposium at Queenstown. She will also be teaching at the Braided Ribbons Symposium at Ashburton in 2014.

Shirley is part of the following internet groups: Artful Quilters' Web Ring; Dyers' Web Ring; Surface Design Web Ring; Dyers' Email list; QuiltTeach email list; Fiber Artists/Mixed media group; Dyeing Forum; Kiwiquilters List.


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